Who Is Pat Hull?

He’s been called an “accidental entrepreneur” and a “maverick.” To most, Pat Hull is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for disrupting – and revolutionizing – industries. For nearly 30 years, Hull has been a founder, investor and key funder of innovative startups in transportation, technology, entertainment, real estate, mobile apps and more.

Through his unique approach to marketing innovations, Hull brings new insights that improve processes and generate significant value for businesses. In leading them to operate at the highest levels in their industries, he successfully has taken two of his companies through public acquisitions totaling nearly $100 million.

A big believer in the power of human potential, Hull is a generous benefactor to charitable causes, as well as to entrepreneurism. He frequently contributes his perspectives at industry-leading events and often mentors aspiring individuals with keen ideas and creative approaches.

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Pat has had an impact on countless like-minded creative entrepreneurs in his career. Watch the video above to hear first hand testimonials from just a handful of the partners that Pat has worked with.